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StationStatusPlanesPositionsLast seen 06:30
Berlin1offline0027.12.2019 09:29
Berlin2offline0028.11.2019 17:37
CaboRoigoffline0020.12.2019 08:27
Cuxhavenonline7524.01.2020 06:30
Deilinghofenonline444024.01.2020 06:30
DenHaagoffline0025.07.2019 08:00
Dietikononline11624.01.2020 06:30
DuesseldorfLierenfeldoffline0004.07.2019 16:15
DuesseldorfOberbilkoffline0031.12.2019 03:24
Eschbornonline966624.01.2020 06:30
FrankNordoffline0008.02.2019 02:00
Hamburgoffline0026.10.2019 23:26
Hamburg2online241524.01.2020 06:30
hannoveroffline0012.01.2020 10:08
Iserlohnonline534624.01.2020 06:30
IserlohnOestrichoffline0023.09.2019 12:53
IserlohnOstoffline0012.11.2019 15:55
Lenzkirchoffline0001.01.1970 01:00
LuedenscheidGevelndorfoffline0024.01.2020 06:30
LuedenscheidMitteoffline0031.12.2018 17:44
Meinerzhagenonline383424.01.2020 06:30
MeinerzhagenSuedonline4324.01.2020 06:30
Monheimonline958024.01.2020 06:30
Oberlauchringenonline4124.01.2020 06:30
Ricketwilonline373224.01.2020 06:30
Rotenburgonline9624.01.2020 06:30
SiegenWeidenauoffline0003.12.2019 12:53
SiegenWeidenauReserveonline433924.01.2020 06:30
1. Station
Name and location of the station

2. Status
Status of the station online or offline. A station is considered offline if no data was received for the last 10 Seconds

3. Planes
The absolute number of planes received by this station

4. Positions
The number of planes containing position data

The data reproduced here is just for your interest.
We can not guarantee accurancy of any value but we always try to improve our algorithms.
The stats on this page are being recalculated every three seconds so there is no need to hit the refresh button every other second.
Stations without recent data are removed from the list after some time.