About us

  • We are a bunch of hobbyists containing of aviation enthusiasts, ham radio operators, ...
  • We are interested in everything moving no matter if it is planes, ships, trains or satellites
  • We build our own aircraft, ship and radiosonde tracking network

About our network

  • We are noncommercial
  • We develop our own application and continue to modify it to our liking
  • We are very focused on the feeder stations and we do have a lot of features geared towards them

Getting started

  • Check out our wiki to learn more about building an ADS-B, AIS and radiosonde receiver station
  • If you already have a station you can start feeding today

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Altitude colors

The flying altitude of an Aircraft is indicated by its color. Ships are normally blue or grey if moored.


Type colors

Special vehicles like rescue ships or aircrafts or military vehicles are color coded. Other special vehicles like pilot boats are marked as interesting.
These colors are used on the vehicles on the map as well as in the lists in the sidebar. The altitude of this vehicle is not indicated in the vehicles color but in the color of the vehicles track.

Rescue and Police


This position is transmitted by the vehicle
This position is calculated via MLAT as the aircraft does not transmit its position
This vehicle has no position

Multilateration (MLAT)

If an aircraft does not transmit its position via ADS-B but does send its ICAO code there is the option to calculate the aircrafts position via MLAT. To be able to do this there are at least 3 receiver stations needed which are MLAT enabled, do receive the planes messages at a decent signal level and are in sync with each other. The more stations are involved in the calculation the more accurate it gets. If you do have a station make sure to enable MLAT.


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Show history of recent flights

Show list of receiver stations

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Configure different filters

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There are so much more buttons and functions, just try them. If you misconfigured something and do not now the way back you can always reload the webpage to reset all settings.


Version 3.1 (31.01.2024)


  • Improvement: Receiving stations of an airplane now showing colored numbers for fix, malt and nofix
  • Improvement: Mlat coordinates highlighted in plane Info


  • Improvement: Ships orientation now using heading if available instead of course over ground


  • New: Rising radiosondes with ballon icon, falling sondes with parachute
  • New: Selected radiosonde now drawing a colorful track according to altitude similar to planes
  • New: Launchsite and distance from launchsite
  • New: First seen with frame number, date/time, station and altitude
  • New: Burstinfo with frame number, date/time, altitude and burst location on map
  • New: Military sondes are green and can be filtered
  • New: Share link to radiosonde
  • Improvement: Track of a selected radiosonde is now updated in realtime
  • Improvement: Last seen timer negative numbers fixed (GPS - UTC time offset fixed)


  • New: Status per service like ADS-B, AIS, ... with last seen resulting in correct status for stations feeding AIS and/or radiosondes but no ADS-B
  • New: Additional yellow status for stations with some services online and some offline
  • New: Offline stations vanish from list after 2 weeks
  • New: Graphs now feature a 1 hour option
  • Improvement: fixed handling of insufficient power supply for stations switching from Raspberry Pi to other type of PC


  • New: Filtering now working for radiosondes


  • New: Support for Debian 12 / Raspberry Pi OS 12 / Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • New: Support for 64bit Raspberry Pi OS
  • New: Packages for radiosonde reception (radiosondeautorx)


  • New: Service overview
  • New: Antennas for AIS and radiosondes
  • New: Signal Splitter guide
  • New: Radio sonde installation guide
  • Improvement: Completely reworked hardware selection guide
  • Improvement: Completely reworked powering section
  • Improvement: Updated installation instructions


  • New: Reimplemented rendering engine in canvas resulting in much better performance and compatibility with a wide range of browsers and devices
  • Improvement: Multiple optimizations in the frontend and backend resulting in a better performance and a more stability
  • Improvement: Muliple UI fixes
  • Removed: Removed layer of german airports
  • Update: Updated leaflet version

Version 3.0 (22.06.2023)


  • New: NAV-Modes and other FMS data
  • Improvement: General overhaul


  • New: Ship pictures
  • New: ATONs are recognized and shown on map
  • New: SAR helicopters are recognized and shown on map
  • Improvement: General overhaul


  • Completely new type of vehicles on the map
  • Feeding script available in the repo


  • New: System information and performance values
  • New: Graphs showing station performance
  • New: Coverage rings on heatmap
  • Improvement: General overhaul


  • New: NAV-Modes
  • New: Speed
  • New: Radiosondes


  • New: Feeding scripts for Radiosonde & ADS-B packaged
  • Update: AIS-catcher v0.48
  • Update: dump1090-fa v8.2


  • New: Warning, when connection is lost
  • New: Selected vehicle is highlighted
  • Improvement: Major overhaul of incoming AIS data processing
  • Improvement: General UI overhaul
  • Improvement: Rendering on multiple mobile devices
  • Improvement: About section overhaul
  • Improvement: Wiki instructions

Version 2.4

Plane/Ship info card

  • major overhaul and adjustments
  • AIS is now multistation capable

Station info card

  • Action buttons
    • Filtering
    • Heatmap
    • Locate
  • more statistics


  • Tanker oval layer
  • Geolocation
  • Zoom buttons
  • Darkmode
  • Auto dark mode (browser setting)
  • AIS Buoys Support

Station List

  • AIS-only stations appear in list
  • Design overhaul


  • AIS-only stations can be selected
  • Reset button


  • Fix heatmap
  • Sidebar isn't cut anymore at the bottom
  • Mobile mode fixes


  • Repository
    • dump1090-fa
    • mlat-client
    • ais-catcher
    • New ais-catcher releases
      • no gpsd needed
      • integrated feeding for Chaos Consulting



This webapp is open source and is made with open source components. Without the great tools below this would not be possible.


This is the libary we are using to build the interactive map https://leafletjs.com


Making those planes move https://github.com/perliedman/leaflet-realtime


Doin good stuff https://github.com/Mappy/Leaflet-active-area


For all the heatmaps https://github.com/Leaflet/Leaflet.heat


For all the pretty clicky icons https://fontawesome.com


Dynamic sortable tables in the sidebar http://tabulator.info

Open Data

No matter if map tiles and weather data or gerneral aviation knowledge we would not be able to do what we are doing without the following services.


All map data https://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright


Sea map data https://openseamap.org

Deutscher Wetterdienst / PegelOnline

The precipitation data, weather warnings and water levels of German rivers and coasts are taken from the great Open Data Services by Deutscher Wetterdienst and Wasserstra├čen- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes


All the knowledge about airlines and planes https://de.wikipedia.org

junzis Aircraft Database

Aircraft registrations and model information are based on the last release of junzis Aircraft DB (MIT License), regulary updated by us with own observations and research.

Source code

As this website is open source you can have a look at the source code. You will find it right here: https://github.com/chaos-consulting/adsb2.0 If you experience a bug let us now. If you have an idea for improvement just talk to us, we will look at it but can nt make any promises as development takes place in our spare time.


All the marker icons used on the map are listed here with their license and origin.

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